Marco Parisi: Orchestral Explorations on Seaboard

The Seaboard maestro jams with Equator2 and SWAM sounds

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No one can play the Seaboard quite like Marco Parisi. The maestro has played the Seaboard for almost a decade, achieving viral fame for awe-inspiring covers of Prince and Jimi Hendrix, as well as contributing Seaboard parts to tracks by A-list artists including Ed Sheeran.

Marco's valuable experience was essential in the development of the new Seaboard RISE 2 playing surface. But before Marco upgraded to the latest Seaboard, we captured an orchestra-inspired jam performed on his beloved, original Seaboard RISE 49.

The first performance features Equator2's 'Orchestral Ensembles' soundpack. Afterwards, Marco continues to show off how the Seaboard can imitate classical instruments with astounding accuracy, pairing his RISE with a SWAM Cello sound.

Sit back and enjoy an expressive, musical journey only possible on Seaboard RISE.

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