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Marco Parisi: Two Finger Seaboard Performance

Watch how the Seaboard puts awe-inspiring soundscapes at your fingertips

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No one can play the Seaboard quite like Marco Parisi. The maestro has played the Seaboard for over a decade, setting stages — and the internet — alight with his expressive and emotive solos.

But you don't need to be as talented as Marco to craft awe-inspiring soundscapes with the Seaboard RISE! Here Marco demonstrates how with just two fingers and the right preset, anyone can make music worthy of a blockbuster score. It's all possible thanks to the 5 Dimensions of Touch.

In this demo, Marco is performing on his well-loved Seaboard RISE 49. His valuable experience was essential in the development of the re-engineered Seaboard RISE 2 — now available to purchase on roli.com

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