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Tips and tricks for expressive music-making with LUMI Keys Studio Edition

Dive deep into the world of music production with our latest video, where ROLI's expert Joe Hauke reveals essential tips and tricks to maximize your use of the LUMI Keys Studio Edition.

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Looking to take your music production up a notch? Resident ROLI expert Joe Hauke takes us through some essential tips and tricks on how you can use LUMI Keys Studio Edition to its full potential and bring your ideas to life.

Lifting the lid on multi-dimensional touch

LUMI Keys Studio Edition’s innovative use of MPE technology and multi-dimensional touch capabilities adds incredible depth to your music. Joe takes us through how to use Lift, the 4th dimension of touch, to add new layers of expression to his playing.

To give your music more sonic nuance, features such as per-key pitch bend allow you to change the pitch on every single key that you play for subtle vibratos or more pronounced pitch shifting. Customise just how much your pitches leap up or down in the ROLI Dashboard and really craft how you want your music to sound.

Clever playing with Smart Chords

With Smart Chords in ROLI Studio Player, you can use your keyboard to bring out a plethora of musical ideas with ease. Turning this feature on means you get a chord for every key that you play. Amp up the creative expression when you turn the arpeggiator on, and you can pitch bend those arpeggiated chords for even more impressive tonal changes.

Using LUMI Keys with Kontact

Each creator has their own production workflow, so if you’re not using ROLI software instruments to make your sounds, you can still infuse the power of ROLI’s MPE instruments in your music making.

Using your LUMI Keys with your favourite instrument libraries gives your ultra expressive benefits of MPE technology wherever you want.

Customise your workflow by creating preset modes with all your favour settings for specific songs. This comes in handy for seamless performances, and LUMI’s illuminated keys can also be customized for all these modes, so you’ll know exactly which mode you’re in by the color scheme of the keys.

Mastering melodies with Scale Mode

Using the ROLI Dashboard, you can set the key that you want to play in, and LUMI Keys will light up all the keys that are in that scale on the keyboard. Not only is this a great way to make sure that whatever you’re playing is in key, but the illumination helps you get familiar with scales in a very practical and visual way. So, as you figure out your melodies, you’ll strengthen your musical knowledge too. You’ll never feel like you can’t create the sounds you want.

Making more music with more LUMIs

The bigger the range, the bigger the sound. Connecting multiple LUMIs is a game changer for the creative process. Snap multiple LUMIs together and create a keyboard of up to 96 keys, and once you’ve paired all the LUMIs with the DNA connectors, you can disconnect them but still stay connected wirelessly. How’s that for ultimate flexibility?

This is just scratching the surface of the multitude of ways you can use LUMI Keys in your music production, but a helpful start in getting your musical inspiration going. How will you use LUMI Keys to create?

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