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LUMI Keys Studio Edition: The pros share some of their favorite features

Artists like Mr. Tuna, GLASYS, and Misstiq have used the LUMI Keys features to expand their creative boundaries and elevate their music production to new heights.

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Watch the video above to discover what professional music makers have to say about the features that have propelled their music to new heights.

Truman Proudfoot, also known as Mr. Tuna, is an improvisational synth composer based in British Columbia. With the LUMI Keys, Mr. Tuna finds the MPE capabilities particularly captivating, allowing for seamless expression and fluid note-sliding in his mesmerizing synthesizer sounds.

GLASYS, a versatile artist blending electronic, jazz, classical, and video game music, appreciates the LUMI Keys for its easy portability. Whether traveling or on the go, the compact size allows GLASYS to unleash creativity and explore musical ideas wherever inspiration strikes.

Misstiq, a talented producer from Australia, praises the minimalistic design and aesthetic of the LUMI Keys. Its convenient size seamlessly integrates into Misstiq's production workflow, providing endless creative possibilities across the various genres she works in — including metal, hip-hop, and orchestral arrangements — as well as looking the part on stage.

Join the ranks of inspired musicians and unlock your full potential with the LUMI Keys Studio Edition.