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How to produce a track in your DAW with Seaboard RISE 2

Watch the Logic Pro, Ableton Live 11 and Cubase walkthroughs

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Are you ready to record a track with Seaboard RISE 2 in your favorite, MPE-compatible DAW? Dive into our specialist in-depth tutorials to start making infinitely expressive music with your keyboard MIDI controller.

From perfecting your MPE settings in Ableton Live 11, Logic Pro and Cubase, to layering instruments and building your tracks, these walkthroughs have you covered.

But before you begin, make sure you've watched our in-depth step-by-step guide to setting up your Seaboard RISE 2, getting to grips with 5D Touch, ROLI Studio and ROLI Dashboard integration, playing techniques, and much more.

Ableton Live 11 Walkthrough

Ableton Live is the latest mainstream DAW to add MIDI Polyphonic Expression capabilities. Learn how to start crafting expressive beats in Live 11 with RISE 2 in this tutorial led by producer Taetro.

Logic Pro Walkthrough

Learn how to set up Seaboard RISE 2 in Apple's Logic Pro, in this short set up guide by De Ana. Plus you can transfer some of the same setup principles to Apple's beginner-friendly DAW GarageBand too.

Cubase Walkthrough

Seasoned producer Venus Theory reveals how to produce a track in the MPE-compatible DAW Cubase in this helpful tutorial:

Don't have a RISE 2? Learn more about the ultimate expressive instrument here.