From rollercoaster rides to MIDI art: Musicians get creative with LUMI Keys

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Supermassive perform 'Take Me Back' on a rollercoaster.

What's more thrilling than playing the dazzling and expressive LUMI Keys Studio Edition? Playing LUMI Keys on a rollercoaster of course!

That's exactly what French duo Supermassive attempted in their unconventional performance of 'Take Me Back'.

And they're not the only musicians making must-watch films with their glowing MIDI controllers. Watch more from the LUMI community below.

Mashd N Kutcher's EDM mashups

From sampling radio presenters live to car wash compositions, Mashd N Kutcher love taking their LUMI Keys out and about to capture any moment where musical inspiration strikes!

Here's what happened when they built a track with LUMI and sounds from a sporting goods store:

Meticulous MIDI art by GLASYS

Not satisfied with playing incredible synth solos, GLASYS has also found a way to transform his LUMI Keys performances into art. It doesn't just look good, it sounds great too! Check out his incredible MIDI creations below: