Equator2 OneSound Series - Sculpt your sound in minutes

See how you can create and sculpt any sound imaginable using a vast collection of contemporary synthesis techniques, effects and modulators

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Learn how to create this textured lo-fi kick drum sound - in just a few minutes in Equator2. Our expert describes the process and takes you through a step by step tutorial that will have you producing retro chillout vibes in no time.

Equator2 is compatible with MPE and standard MIDI controllers.

Learn more about Equator2 - The Limitless Hybrid Synthesizer

Create a blockbuster cinematic piano sound in minutes and unleash your inner John Williams

Add an organic sub bass element to any bass in a few simple steps

Create a pop mallet sound from a broken toy calimba sound in just a few minutes.

How to get a sub direct out in Equator2 to create earth-shaking bass that's guaranteed to fill the dancefloor.

Create a lush and rich strings sound for your next blockbuster track.

Compeletely transform your sound with macros, LFO and flexible routing in Equator2.

Create a twinkly bells lead in just a few steps.

Add punch to your sub bass with transient layers that will reverberate through your tracks.

Add blockbuster accents to your tracks with this cinematic impact sound effect

See how we create a plucky bass sound that will add some bounce to your tracks


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