Equator2 is now even better with version 2.2 - Including Motion Waves - FREE

Dive into an ocean of sounds and synthesis with Equator2 - Limitless Hybrid Synthesizer

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Submerge your productions in an ocean of the latest synthesis techniques with Equator2 - compatible with MPE and standard MIDI controllers.

A soundpack browser, easier to use interface, performance improvements and the Motion Waves soundpack are also included in the latest update - Free for Equator2 owners. Upgrade pricing available for existing ROLI customers.

The new Motion Waves soundpack features a shimmering selection of evolving pads, rippling basses, delicate plucks, vintage keys and liquid effects, all powered by Equator2's wavetable oscillator.

Update to v2.2 within ROLI Connect - Motion Waves can be found in the Sounds tab

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More about the update:

New Features and Improvements:

  • Free Motion Waves Soundpack (30 x MPE & 30 x Standard presets)
  • Added Soundpack filter section in the preset browser
  • Added Soundpack filter to Wavetable and Sample minibrowsers
  • Added mouse interactions to the Wavetable/Sampler/Granular visualisers
  • Set custom default and init preset options by right clicking on a preset
  • Set custom default pitchbend range in Note Configuration menu
  • Added dropdown menu to Effects Chain preset selector
  • Modulate linked Delay parameters together
  • Solo multiple Sources at once with ctrl/cmd click
  • Updated default preset to 'Stereo Motion Wavetable Pad'
  • Double-clicking on Wavetable/Sample thumbnail opens minibrowser
  • Added User icons to sub presets browsers
  • Added right-click Mute option for Modulation sources
  • UI/UX tweaks and improvements

Bug Fixes:

  • Equator2 Stops held notes when looping in Bitwig
  • Modulations applied to Filter 2 not showing in the Mod Matrix
  • Switching Multi-mod preset changes LFO parameters
  • Some Multi-mod settings not copy/pasted correctly
  • Issues with copy/pasting Sources
  • Effects on/off buttons not always working
  • Crash when importing several user wavetables
  • Modelled delay causing audio dropouts
  • Granular Mini-browser takes longer to open on Windows
  • Minor fixes to init preset
  • Several UI/UX fixes
  • Improved tooltips


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