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Creator Content: Watch infinitely expressive RISE 2 performances

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Thousands of new RISE 2 preorders have now been delivered to eager creators. This week, we celebrate some of the best video performances that they have shared with the world.


Jason is a multi-instrumentalist and professional piano teacher with an interest in traditional Irish music. He is a member of three bands and recently received his RISE 2 and created some gems in a YouTube series called Seaboard Sundays. This is our favourite so far:


Michael is a classical guitarist and keyboardist who covered several songs using RISE 2 — including this x cover of Around the world by Daft Punk and this banging cover of The Weekends' Blinding Lights.


@Rahultiwarimusic creates gliding pitches and haunting vibrato for his interpretation of the music of Justin Hurwitz from the movie First Man. Watch it here.


Steven Whyte slays a cover of Pink Floyds: The great gig in the sky:


Giampaolo Pasquale is a record producer and mix engineer for Sony Music. As a composer and pianist he has worked with several major artists including Peter Erskine, Mike Posner and Tears for Fears. He shared a hauntingly beautiful performance based on the music of Ennio Morricone using the Kind of Blue preset from Equator2. Watch now.


Check out this new comosition called Sea of modularity by Marcel Krol:


Ben Dahl is a Berklee College of Music graduate that’s been composing on RISE for over 5 years. He started playing piano at the age of 6 and went on the develop a fine ear for music when he learnt to tune pianos. He recently switched to RISE 2 and shared some of his latest creations. This chilling score uses glide in a striking way. Watch it now.


Piano duo with a difference: Watch as talented creator Carsten Esser caresses the Seaboard alongside the Kronos X to create an intricate original composition in his home studio. Watch now.

K. Pietras

K. Pietras from Red Octopus Music shared this chilling composition for a Soundtrack and this flowing example of what Glide can do for you.

We love hearing and seeing what you create with your Seaboard RISE 2. Keep sharing using the hastag #RISE2

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