Create lush soundscapes with Etheric Pads

Compatible with Strobe2 and ROLI Studio Player

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Embrace your inner peace with Etheric Pads, a soundpack for Strobe2 and ROLI Studio filled with meditative, spacious and soothing cinematic pads. Whether you’re crafting sci-fi scores or ambient epics, Etheric Pads will generate tranquil atmospheres, instantly.

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Recreate the sound of a cult classic with OSCar, an Equator2 and ROLI Studio soundpack featuring over 70 multi-sampled instruments drawn from the iconic synth. OSCar includes all the rugged analogue charm and digital lo-fi tones of the 1980s original — now updated for the 21st Century with the expressive power of Equator2. Includes: 70 x MPE and 70 x Standard presets, and 726Mb of meticulously sampled instruments licensed from sound-designers, Boxed Ear.