Can you play any instrument with Seaboard RISE 2?

Alongside a violin, flute, guitar, sax, trumpet and more the RISE 2 takes center stage

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It all started with a comment from a creator on Youtube: "Can I play any instrument with RISE 2?"

Seaboard specialist Heen Wai took this question as a challenge. Could RISE 2 trade licks, improvise melodies, and jam with a whole band of talented players?

The ensemble includes Ukrainian bassist, singer/songwriter Anastasia Pshokina, British jazz musician and Sax player Chaz Keiderling, groovy-guitarist Giacomo Turra, Cuban cellist Ismael Ariel Guerrero Bombut, ROLI’s own CMO and talented violinist Sophie Solomon, Polish flutist Antonina Styczen, internationally renowned trumpet star Quentin Collins, versatile composer/keyboardist Gerald Peter, and session drummer and Wharf bandmember Louis Cowling.

Watch the video above to see Seaboard RISE 2 take center stage. Replicating the sounds from each player, Heen uses the power of 5D expression to create jazzy build-ups, guitar solos, and string crescendos to showcase once and for all — any instrument is possible.

Discover RISE 2.

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