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Can AI make you a better musician? We explore the power of ChatGPT and Equator2

Popular music producer and content creator TAETRO brings artificial intelligence and music production in partnership with ROLI: witness the synergy of AI with music synthesis using the Seaboard RISE 2, Equator2, and OpenAI's ChatGPT.

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The world of synthesis and sound design can be daunting. With recent articles exploring everything from the basics to deep dives from the likes of our friends at Ableton and Splice, and AI-assisted production tools from Native Instruments and Focusrite, the team here at ROLI HQ are wondering how commonly adopted tools like ChatGPT can inspire our community of sound designers, and help them on their music making journey.

Popular music producer and content creator, TAETRO brings this evolution to life in a recent video. The ROLI team presented TAETRO with a challenge – to use the as yet untapped potential of OpenAI's ChatGPT as a creative tool for sound design. In the video, we learn along with TAETRO as he showcases the synergy of AI with music synthesis using Seaboard RISE 2 and Equator2.

Embarking on a sonic adventure

Well known as a producer, beatmaker, and for his educational electronic music production tutorials on his YouTube channel and livestreams, TAETRO was an excellent choice for ROLI to collaborate with in this excursion into a new territory of music made with artificial intelligence.

Despite his initial reservations – and by his own admission, claiming that he was “bad at synthesis and sound design” – TAETRO dived into the challenge. “I have no idea if this is going to work, or what Chat GPT is even capable of in terms of designing for a specific synth”, he says at the start. Guided by ChatGPT, he embarked on a journey into the unknown, with the Seaboard RISE 2 serving as his instrument of choice.

Equipped with Equator2 and a little curiosity, TAETRO explores ChatGPT’s capabilities along with us to produce amazing sounds, despite what we perceive to be our own limitations.

Seaboard RISE 2 & Equator 2: A perfect duo

Seaboard RISE 2, renowned for its touch-responsive interface, redefines musical immersion. Paired with Equator2, ROLI’s powerful hybrid software synthesizer, it becomes a formidable tool. With ChatGPT's assistance, TAETRO explored crafting atmospheric pad sounds evoking the iconic "Blade Runner" vibe.

Seaboard RISE 2's MPE (MIDI Polyphonic Expression) capabilities, as demonstrated, empower artists with nuanced sound modulation – from pressure-driven filter adjustments to slide gestures that introduce bass notes.

TAETRO designs sounds in ROLI's Equator 2 synth using Seaboard RISE 2, with guidance from ChatGPT.

ChatGPT: More than just an assistant

TAETRO's experiment illuminated ChatGPT's potential in sound design – suggesting not only waveform choices but also offering guidance on pitch modulation using an LFO. But beyond this, the real magic happened when TAETRO merged these AI-driven suggestions with his creative touch, resulting in unique, cinematic sounds.

This collaboration between artist and technology signifies a promising future for both budding and established musicians. AI can potentially streamline the creative process by offering suggestions to craft new sounds, making the fusion of artist and machine a revolutionary step in music production.

Pushing creative boundaries with AI

Beyond the typical, TAETRO ventured further with ChatGPT's assistance. Inspired by his audience, he designed a "Dreamy Kalimba" sound. His pursuit of the perfect sound, from the emulation of a Kalimba's pluck to the creation of an abstract sound representing "a floating sugar cotton inside a glass cathedral," highlighted the synergy between machine-guided instructions and human intuition.

While AI provides a blueprint, it’s clear that it's the artist's flair and choices that truly bring sound to life. TAETRO remarks, “I could use my own musical judgement and the limited knowledge that I have of synthesis to know whether it was actually correct or whether it was actually going to help me achieve the sound that I have described.”

TAETRO shows us how ChatGPT’s input can provide a substantial starter’s guide for sound design with step-by-step instructions allowing you to learn how the changes made in Equator2’s parameters affect the sound you build. But it doesn’t need to be strictly adhered to – it’s merely a jumping off point for an individual’s musical expression and gives you plenty of room for experimentation.

Looking ahead: Music, AI, and boundless potential

TAETRO's foray underscores the invaluable nature of tools like Seaboard RISE 2 and Equator2 for contemporary musicians. When bolstered by AI platforms like ChatGPT, the creative possibilities seem infinite. As artists intertwine their unique visions with AI-generated insights, we stand on the cusp of a sonic revolution.

For enthusiasts eager to delve into this harmonious blend of technology and creativity, the path has never been more enticing. With each new innovation, the world of music beckons with undiscovered wonders.

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