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Watch Neon Vines cover Michael Jackson's classic "Beat It" with the Beatmaker Kit.

The ROLI Creator Community is a growing group of Seaboard and BLOCKS fans setting the internet alight with their expressive creations! Listen to just a few of our favorite films, tracks and more from the community below.

Want to join in the action? If you have a ROLI instrument and would like to help by creating new content, representing ROLI in your area or beta testing software, please get in touch via email to [email protected].

KKrex Brings the Heat with GarageBand Beats

Trap producer KKrex was one of the first creators to get his hands on the Songmaker Kit GarageBand Edition, and he wasted no time at all making some fire beats with it! Watch him build a beat from scratch and freestyle rap about ROLI below:

Check out KKrex' Songmaker Kit GarageBand Edition tutorial here. Plus follow KKrex on his YouTube Channel and SoundCloud.

'Beat It' with the Beatmaker Kit

Enjoy Neon Vines' blistering live vocal performance of Michael Jackson's classic 'Beat It', performed with the Beatmaker Kit and Seaboard Block:

Follow Neon Vines on Youtube or Twitter.

Drumming, Seaboard Block Style

Most Seaboard Block maestros use their instrument to play melodies or chords, but Allan Preetham proves that it's great for drums too! In this thunderous cover of the theme from Tamil thriller Vikram Vedha, he adds rumbling percussion on the Seaboard's surface:

Follow Allan Preetham on his Youtube Channel.

The Dark Side of the Seaboard

The guitar solo from Pink Floyd's prog rock masterpiece Time gets a Seaboard-shaped update in the form of Kashyap Iyengar's epic RISE 49 performance:

Watch more Seaboard performances on Kashyap's Youtube channel.

The Lightpad Block Generation

Donya Quick is one of many creators hacking their own Lightpad Block apps with Littlefoot coding language. Check out his app, which generates music based on parameters you control through touch — and download it for ROLI Dashboard yourself by following the link in Donya's Youtube description:

Discover some of the other Lightpad apps creators have created here.

Universal Expression

Combining cosmic special effects with beautiful classical and electronic performances, Sukyo's Seaboard Block and NOISE film is out of this world:

Follow Sukyo on Youtube.

OBLVYN's soaring Seaboard RISE solo

OBLVYN's Seaboard RISE 49 solo may only be 34 seconds long, but it certainly leaves a big impression! Watch her show off her Seaboard skills over a hard-edged dubstep beat below:

Follow OBLVYN on Youtube, Facebook and hear her music on Spotify.

Spongebob Seaboard-pants!?

Who lives in a pineapple under the sea? Spongebob Seaboard-pants!

Brock Brenzel combines an expressive acoustic guitar preset, the Seaboard Block and his real electric guitar in this fabulously fun cover of 'You're Nice', one of the key themes from Nickelodeon's iconic cartoon.

Follow Brock Brenzel on Youtube.

SoulGook's Vietnamese BLOCKS and Đàn bầu jam

Watch the supremely talented SoulGook layer an atmospheric, semi-improvised track with the Seaboard Block, Lightpad Block and the Đàn bầu — a traditional Vietnamese stringed instrument. Just lay back and bop your head along:

Follow SoulGook on Youtube, Facebook and Twitter.

Juan Dussán's Avengers Remix

Marvel's The Avengers: Infinity War has smashed box office records this year with its winning combination of an all-star super hero cast and a stirring score by Alan Silvestri.

Now Juan Dussán has created a remix the iconic leading theme on his Seaboard RISE 25 to match the sheer spectacle of The Avengers films! Watch his super EDM-inspired performance below:

Find more about Juan on his website.

T-Rex vs ROLI: Creating the sounds from Jurassic Park

In the latest tutorial from Sweetwater, Jacob Dupre shows you how to play the theme from Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom — composed by the legendary film score maestro John Williams — on the Seaboard RISE 49:

If you enjoyed this film, check out Jacob's Han Solo: A Star Wars Story soundtrack tutorial, featuring a fantastic performance on the Seaboard RISE, Seaboard Block and Lightpad Block.

Paola Chen Li's Lightpad Block Animation

Paola Chen Li is a media design student who has created an incredible animation highlighting the 5 expressive gestures of touch used to play the Lightpad Block.

Inspired by ROLI's Start Making It initiative, Paola picked up the NOISE app and composed her first ever musical track in 3 days to accompany the animation! Expressive sounds like Magic Toy Piano and Grime's Plastic Bubble Drum Kit were used in the piece, and the visuals were produced using Adobe Animate and After Effects.

Enjoy her brilliant little celebration of 5D Touch below and follow her on Instagram:

Red Means Recording's Ambient Explorations

Red Means Recording's fifteen minute film is a wonderful adventure into the ambient soundscapes possible with BLOCKS and the sounds of Equator.

Dive into a medley of deep and relaxing pieces, accompanied by images of nature, popular animations and more. All performed on the Seaboard Block and Lightpad M:

Find Red Means Recording's Youtube channel here.

Sanjay C's sounds of India

Armed with two expressive instruments — the Seaboard Block and the Touché — Sanjay C creates an expansive piece with the sampled presets from ROLI's Colours Of India soundpack.

Follow Sanjay C on Youtube, and learn more about how ROLI sampled traditional South Indian instruments to create the Colours Of India soundpack here.