Best House presets in Equator2

Elevate your House music with experimentation and unique presets found in Equator2's hybrid synthesizer. Explore MPE and a diverse preset library, enabling you to carve out your distinctive sonic identity in electronic dance music.

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In the vast landscape of musical genres, House music stands as a beacon of innovation and diversity, weaving its rhythmic tapestry through the fabric of the global music scene. Born in the vibrant underground clubs of Chicago in the early 1980s, House music has since evolved into a genre that not only shaped entire subcultures but also left an indelible mark on the broader musical landscape.

At its core, House music is a celebration of rhythm and electronic expression, blending elements of disco, funk, and soul to create a sound that transcends cultural and geographical boundaries. The genre's innovation lies in its ability to continuously reinvent itself, embracing new technologies and pushing the sonic envelope.

To make your own House music productions shine, embracing the genre's spirit of experimentation is key. Explore new sounds, play with rhythms, and dare to break conventions. By pushing boundaries and staying true to your unique artistic vision, you can contribute to the ongoing legacy of House music, adding your chapter to this ever-evolving sonic narrative.

To help you get started, we’ve picked out five of the best presets that bring out the best in the diverse range of sounds available in House music for you to use in your own productions. Watch the video below to see ROLI's own Marcus Levy-Chance, the ROLI Sound Team Content Lead and producer known as Synthetic Epiphany, as he walks us through Equator2’s extensive creative library of sounds.

Best House music presets in ROLI'S Equator2 synthesizer

Embracing experimentation in Equator2

Equator2, ROLI's powerful hybrid synthesizer, comes as an exceptional tool for crafting compelling House music, offering a myriad of features that elevate the production experience. What sets Equator2 apart is its innovative combination of analog modeling and wavetable synthesis. Its expressive MPE compatibility with unparalleled dynamics and nuance empowers you to explore new sonic territories and carve out your unique sonic identity within the vibrant world of electronic dance music.

Equator2 offers an extensive library of presets that serves as a wellspring of inspiration, covering a spectrum from warm, analog-style basses to ethereal pads and rhythmic leads.

FM Bottom Fade Bass

Sub heavy bassline that uses FM modulation to distort the sound. Using Press and Slide on Seaboard RISE 2 gives you more control over how hard you want your basslines to hit and the intensity of the modulation.

This patch is perfect for emulating the high-energy fusion of garage, house, and bass elements in UK Bassline, and propels listeners with its infectious rhythms and deep basslines, originating from the vibrant UK underground scene.

FM Deep Donk In A Room

If you’re looking for a darker sound with more percussive elements, this patch is the one for you. Evoke the sounds of Deep House and the emotive side of electronic music, creating a hypnotic and immersive experience for the listener with soulful melodies, laid-back beats, and atmospheric textures.

Fatty Chord Bass

Thanks to its three oscillators, you can bring out more harmonic depth in your bass lines with a rich mixture of chordal melody. Using gestures like Press to open up the filter cut off or Slide to add stuttering LFO effects imparts even more sonic textures.

This patch allows you to build driving beats akin to traditional house with the intensity of electronic music for the dynamic and energetic sound of Electro House. With powerful drops, pulsating basslines, you can create big, anthemic melodies.

Metal Pan Flute

One of the best features of Seaboard RISE 2 is its fluid ability to emulate the sound of traditional instruments found in Equator2. When using a preset like Metal Pan Flute, MPE capabilities like pitch bend per key and expressive gestures really bring the sound of the flute to life with enchanting glissando lines. Capture the sun-soaked, Tropical house influences and transport listeners to exotic landscapes in a fusion of house and tropical rhythms.

Acid Funk Overdrive Bass

Heavily inspired by Acid House the late '80s and its distinctive use of the Roland TB-303 synthesizer to create a unique and futuristic sound, this preset gives you total control over cut off parameters simply from your gestures as you play into the keywaves. No need to tweak knobs, just play to perfection and create powerful synthesized basslines and hypnotic rhythms.

House remains a constant force and its influence can be heard across genres, from pop to hip-hop, showcasing the genre's adaptability and timelessness. The possibilities are endless, and the journey of exploration is as important as the destination.

With the incredible presets available in Equator2, as well as endless parameters to tweak and make your own, the spirit of House music can continue to live on through your own productions. So, let the beats guide, the melodies inspire, and the rhythm elevate – for in the realm of House music, innovation knows no bounds.

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