Archie Beatz finds joy in expressive music creation with Seaboard RISE 2

“I feel like a musician playing it, that’s how I always know it’s the right thing” – Archie Beatz

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For someone like Archie Beatz, being able to capture real, empathic emotion is at the core of his productions. The prolific composer, record producer, singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist has amassed close to 100,000 subscribers and over 9 million views on YouTube thanks to his wealth of knowledge when it comes to music production and technology.

Watch as Archie explores Seaboard RISE 2, ROLI Studio Player, and the powerhouse hybrid synthesizer Equator2, and discovers just how much they can invigorate his creativity.

Archie Beatz explores Seaboard RISE 2

As soon as he lays his hands on the Seaboard, Archie is instantly hooked by its unique modes of expression. “It’s not the traditional keys, but hey, learning this thing is so much fun because it’s expressive.”

Archie’s professional work includes music for T-Mobile, and Covergirl, as well as working as lead composer to score the Zeus Network original series “Bad Escorts”, and he also holds a place as a voting member of The Recording Academy and member of The Society of Composers & Lyricists.

With a career that spans so many styles of music composition, an instrument like Seaboard RISE 2 helps Archie step into a new world of music-making that empowers all musical styles and genres. Archie highlights Seaboard’s unmatched ability to create epic sounds for film scoring – “As far as that big ‘cinema sound’ and emotion and feel, this thing is a beast!”

As Archie gets under the hood of ROLI Studio Player, he explores the plethora of features that empower him to customize his sounds to his liking. He also points out the helpful design of the interface matching that of RISE 2’s onboard controls, making it easy and intuitive for any player to match what they’re doing onscreen to the instrument.

But when it comes to Equator2, there’s nothing like it. With deeper control over your sound and the music you want to make, the hybrid synthesizer is a playground for expressive sound and experimentation, offering unparalleled sonic versatility. These two pieces of software, paired with RISE 2 are the perfect tools for professional composers and musicians like Archie Beatz to continue tapping into untouched areas of creativity and explore limitless musical possibilities.

The beauty of Seaboard RISE 2 is its ability to blend the nature of electronic music technology with the feel of playing a real instrument, and it looks like Archie favors this too. “This is the first time in a long time that I felt like I was learning a real instrument,” he remarks. With all the controls you need onboard, including preset scrolling, parameter adjustment and faders, you can keep your focus on the act of making music. Intuitive expression flows freely, and with the ability to change sounds at the touch of a button, the inspiration keeps on coming.

Seaboard RISE 2 empowers artists to make music freely and be inspired by every movement and sound they make. Creativity is at the forefront, and Archie feels that through his experimentation with RISE 2. “I feel like a musician playing it, that’s how I always know it’s the right thing,” he says. “When I feel like a musician, when I feel like a composer, when I feel creative – that’s what this is all about.”

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