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ROLI Connect

ROLI Connect is the cloud platform that connects all your hardware, software and sound content.

Download ROLI Connect to create an account, register hardware instruments or software serials, and download your software and sound content.

Your gateway to music creation

Next steps in ROLI Connect

D Create Account

Create an Account

Login to your account through ROLI Connect

D Register

Register your hardware and software

Connect your hardware instruments to your desktop computer via USB to register it automatically to your account

D Download

Download & Install Apps

Visit the ROLI Connect apps page to download your bundled software

D Stay up to date

Stay up to date

Learn about the latest ROLI releases


ROLI Connect needs to be online every 30 days to authorise your software. This process happens when you launch Equator2, ROLI Studio Player or any other of our software applications. Make sure to go online with ROLI Connect each month to retain access.