5Dglide 5Dlift 5Dpress 5Dslide 5Dstrike

Introducing Five Dimensions of Touch

On a piano keyboard you control sound through the force of Strike on a key. A gentle strike produces a soft sound, while a firmer strikes produces a louder sound. But strike is only one dimension of touch for controlling sound and making music. The Seaboard RISE offers Five Dimensions of Touch. Click below to see and hear Strike, Glide, Slide, Press, and Lift.

Adjust touch-responsiveness to suit your style

For more expression control, three faders fine-tune the touch-responsiveness of the keywaves. If you want to play the Seaboard RISE like a standard piano keyboard, you can disable the surface’s sensitivity to pressure, sideways movements, or up-and-down movements by minimizing the Press, Glide, and Slide Touch Faders. Or you can maximise the surface’s responsiveness to two of these dimensions of touch while minimising a third. Adjustments are easy to make in real time through the three touch-sensitive, backlit faders.

  • Glide Touch Fader

    Adjusts the keywave surface’s responsiveness to sideways movements

  • Slide Touch Fader

    Adjusts the keywave surface’s responsiveness to up-and-down movements

  • Press Touch Fader

    Adjusts the keywave surface’s responsiveness to pressure

Control parameters on an XY Touchpad

The XY Touchpad is another touch-sensitive surface that lets you modulate your sound in real time by moving your finger around the pad.

Assign controls to any MIDI CCs

A universe of sound modulation is possible through Five Dimensions of Touch on the keywave surface, three Touch Faders to adjust the dimensions of touch, and an XY Touchpad. But the possibilities do not end there. By switching to MIDI Mode, you can assign the Touch Faders and XY Touchpad to any MIDI CCs.

  • Expression Mode

    enables full multidimensional sound control in real time through use of three Touch Faders and the XY Touchpad.

  • MIDI Mode

    retains the features of Expression Mode and also allows the Touch Faders and XY Touchpad to be assigned to any MIDI CCs for additional customization of sound.

  • Mode indicator

    The LED indicates the mode.