Big news! We’ve acquired FXpansion, adding brilliant software instruments and brilliant thinkers to our fast-growing family of people and products. We’re very excited to develop the instruments of the future under one roof.

Although nothing will immediately change for the Seaboard RISE and Seaboard GRAND, you’ll feel the benefits of FXpansion in coming months and years. The FXpansion team has been at the forefront of audio software innovation for 15 years. They’ve developed tools like BFD, the world’s foremost collection of acoustic drum sounds, and Strobe2, the analogue-modeled software synthesizer beloved by professional musicians, that offer a vast array of sounds and effects for music-makers of all backgrounds. Their expertise is now part of ROLI, and they’ll help us accelerate our development of hardware-software instruments — including the Seaboard and instruments beyond it — that are redefining musical expression.  

ROLI-FXpansion Announce Portraits High Res

Roland Lamb, founder and CEO of ROLI (third from left), chats with Angus Hewlett, Skot McDonald, and Rhiannon Bankston-Thomas, the founders of FXpansion and new ROLI team members. 

Equator, which we built from the ground up, is now part of a deeper and broader software ecosystem. That’s important, because over time we’ll be able to offer an even wider range of software tools that support the multidimensional capabilities of the Seaboard. Also we’ll approach each update to our software products with shared knowledge, aiming to make them better than they’ve ever been.

In coming months we’ll share more information about how we’re integrating our technologies. In the meantime check out BFD3, Strobe2, Geist2, and other FXpansion products — which are sold and supported exactly as they were before. You’ll discover what we discovered: FXpansion’s virtual instruments and plug-ins are amazing! They’re powerful, fun, and versatile. Well before we entered the picture the FXpansion team was pushing the boundaries of musical expression, and we’re looking forward to doing even more of that together.