The number of sounds available on NOISE and BLOCKS has tripled, and you can now take your music in all kinds of new directions and customize the sound library that’s just right for you.

Download NOISE and get your hands on nine soundpacks, now available through the Soundpack Store – two of which have been crafted by legendary musicians. Create gritty Wu-Tang soundscapes with the Spoonful of Grit by RZA soundpack. Make uplifting, high-octane dance tracks with the Neon Future by Steve Aoki Soundpack. Explore a huge variety of sounds on seven other packs including World Colours, Giant Dubstep, and Expressive Electronic — and shape the sounds with all five dimensions of touch.

Preview the various soundpacks below.

This is just the beginning of an ever-growing collection of soundpacks from world-renowned artists and sound designers. Available only on BLOCKS and NOISE, the soundpacks let you customize and expand your sound library as flexibly as you build your BLOCKS studio.  

In this film, legendary rapper RZA of Wu-Tang Clan explains how kung-fu movies and the raw atmosphere of 1990s New York inspired the iconic album Enter the Wu-Tang (36 Chambers) — and has also inspired his Spoonful of Grit soundpack:

Our second video shows a simple track made with the Neon Future by Steve Aoki soundpack. Steve created the pack’s distorted basses and uplifting leads from the sonic palette of Neon Future, his double album of irresistible house tracks. Neon Future has lit up rooms from Ibiza to New York, and now you can do the same on a Lightpad Block:  

Spoonful of Grit by RZA and Neon Future by Steve Aoki are now available in the Soundpack Store of NOISE for $6.99 (£4.99).

The 5D EDM, Giant Dubstep, World Colors and Video Games soundpacks are exclusively available for BLOCKS creators. If you’ve registered a Block you can redeem these packs for free on the Soundpack Store!

Listen to the sounds of these packs and three others — Hybrid Acoustic, Expressive Electronic, and Synthetic Leads — on the sound player above. These nine packs of synth presets, drum kits, and Groove Kits open hugely expand the sonic universe for NOISE and BLOCKS. Enjoy exploring — it will get even bigger in months to come!