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“Everybody has a rhythm” — you heard it from the RZA

Unleash your music with BLOCKS Kits and inspiring lyrics from the Wu-Tang legend.

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“Everybody has a rhythm, just as every heart has a beat.”

RZA discovered his rhythm when he was a young rapper and producer on the brink of forming Wu-Tang Clan and revolutionizing 1990s hip-hop.

He can tap into his talent on the spot, creating rhythm and melody out of anything that catches his attention. One thing that’s on his mind alot is musical creativity itself — how the music that’s inside of everyone finds a way to come out. He freestyled on the theme for our new film: Unleash Your Music.


A genie in a bottle cannot perform any magic

A bird in a cage cannot fully spread its wings nor soar to the horizons

Everybody has a rhythm, just as every heart has a beat, a pulse, a harmony

In every sentence there’s a melody waiting to be discovered

Rhythm, harmony, and melody

These expressions of your being are yearning to be free

The only boundaries are the ones we set for ourselves

Let your voice be heard. Let your voice be heard

Unleash the beats. Unleash your music

Unleash Your Music shows up-and-coming artists who are making music with all kinds of tools including BLOCKS Kits. Hear the stories of LP Giobbi, Alexie Gratia, Lakey Inspired, and Midi Matilda in new films that launch today. Their sounds are very different and they’re all letting their musical voices be heard.

When RZA met up in Los Angeles to freestyle some lyrics, it was the latest of many collaborations. He’s involved with ROLI because he thinks BLOCKS makes it easier for people to make beats.

“Having something like this in my pocket and being able to have that immediate fix of music … imagine that,” RZA said about the Lightpad Block. “I couldn’t imagine it back then. I used to sit on planes in the old days, bored, wishing I had a drum machine or something!”

Hear more about why he created Spoonful of Grit, a soundpack of classic Wu-Tang sounds for BLOCKS:

Around the time he created Spoonful of Grit (still available on our NOISE app!) RZA did a live jam with the electronic duo PARISI. Here are three musicians unleashing their music in unexpected ways:

There had been no rehearsal. The Lightpad Block had just been released and no one had much experience playing it. But they found their rhythm, harmony and melody. They had a rough-and-ready jam that was fun because it was creative.

“The only boundaries are the ones we set for ourselves.”