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SWAM plugins & Camelot Pro: Perform with awe-inspiring acoustic sounds

ROLI creators can save 20% on Audio Modeling software before 24 September

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If you can't play the violin, flute, cello or clarinet — but would love to add these instruments to your tracks — look no further than Audio Modeling's stunning SWAM plugins. Powered by the SWAM engine, each plugin features MPE presets that recreate acoustic sounds in jaw-dropping detail.

Now ROLI creators can save 20% on all Audio Modeling sounds and software before 24th September! The touch-responsive surfaces of your Seaboard and BLOCKS are perfect for performing with SWAM plugins. You can also save on Camelot Pro, Audio Modeling's tool that makes it easy to control your ROLI instruments and software while you perform.

Watch our latest Seaboard RISE performance featuring SWAM plugins, Camelot Pro and Cypher2:

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ROLI and Audio Modeling have a long history of collaboration. SWAM presets have featured in the ROLI NOISE app, and many of our favorite films over the years!

Enjoy a medley of SWAM sounds performed on two Seaboard Blocks:

And check out the soaring SWAM Viola solo in Heen Wah-Wai's epic interpretation of Game of Thrones on the Seaboard RISE:

The community of ROLI creators have also shared some of their own fantastic SWAM performances. Here's Italian Seaboard maestro Luigi Sansó with an emotive film theme featuring SWAM Violin:

And here's Gerald Peter with a Seaboard RISE and SWAM Flute jam: