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Stadium Rock and Astro Electro: two new NOISE soundpacks

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Put your lighters in the air for Stadium Rock, our latest soundpack for NOISE and BLOCKS! Travel back to the era of 80s rock bands known for their long hair and even longer guitar solos — and add some head-banging flair to your creations.

Featuring sounds inspired by the riffs of Guns N’ Roses, Van Halen and Toto, Stadium Rock has everything you need to make the next rock anthem. Play a blistering lead with Sweet Child Guitar or Jump Synth Brass, throw in some Heavy Electric Bass, then layer chords using the iconic Hammond Rock Organ. The soundpack also features two authentic acoustic drum kits, so you can finish off your jams with some snappy snares and smashing cymbals.

Astro Electro, our second new soundpack, is also inspired by the sounds of the 80s. But it’s more for the dancefloor than the stadium stalls. Channelling the sounds of the early electro scene, it’s packed with expressive instruments that give a futuristic twist to retro creations. Get your groove on with Electrofunk Bass, create a sci-fi soundscape with Bubble Nebula, or emulate the pioneers of techno with Detroit Chills.

Stadium Rock and Astro Electro are the newest in our ever-expanding collection of soundpacks for NOISE and BLOCKS. We’ve released signature packs from renowned artists like Grimes, RZA of Wu-Tang Clan, and WondaGurl, and more artist soundpacks are coming soon. From Video Games to Golden Age Hip Hop to Synthetic Pop Dream, there’s a stack of soundpacks to choose from in NOISE — and play either on your mobile device or on a Seaboard Block or Lightpad Block.

Preview Stadium Rock and Astro Electro — alongside the other soundpacks available in NOISE — below.


Channel your inner rock god or sci-fi star

Preview Stadium Rock, Astro Electro and many more soundpacks from world-class artists and ROLI sound designers:

Stadium Rock by ROLI

Stadium Rock takes you back to the era of rock known for long hair, Marshall stacks and killer riffs. Create the next rock anthem with power guitar leads, authentic acoustic drum kits, bass guitars and the sounds of the iconic Hammond organ.

Available for download in the NOISE app now