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Soundpack Stories: WondaGurl's Distorted Bliss

Download Distorted Bliss in the NOISE Soundpack Store

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Uplifting basses, searing leads, and spaced-out atmospheres are just a few of the new sounds available to anyone who makes music on BLOCKS and NOISE.

ROLI today releases three new soundpacks including Distorted Bliss by WondaGurl. The signature soundpack comes straight from the Toronto studio of the 20-year-old wunderkind producer, who was only 16 when she started winning beat battles and producing chart-topping tracks for Jay Z, Drake, Travis Scott and SZA.

“This soundpack has pushed me to make some crazy stuff that I’ve never tried before,” WondaGurl says in our video about Distorted Bliss, which captures the gracefully gritty sound that her fans know from Jay Z’s “Crown”, Travis Scott’s “Uptown” and other tracks. The soundpack is available for a limited time for only $0.99 (£0.79) on the NOISE app’s Soundpack Store.

Distorted Bliss is available to download today along with Structure and Chillwave Drifting, two soundpacks that music-makers can work into their heaviest and lightest tracks. The hard-hitting techno sounds of Structure include FM basses, cutting leads, and glitched-out drum kits. Chillwave Drifting is a downtempo pop collection of dusty beats, luscious synths, and the pure-air atmospheres of a Pacific beach at sunset.

The three soundpacks join an ever-growing library of sounds for NOISE, ROLI’s free iOS music-making app, and BLOCKS, the award-winning modular music studio that uses NOISE as its software engine. Spoonful of Grit by RZA and Neon Future by Steve Aoki released in January 2017, launching a series of soundpack collaborations with some of the world’s leading artists.

Other soundpacks released last month include World Colors, Giant Dubstep, and Expressive Electronic. Covering a vast sonic territory from fuzzy synths to video-game pings and acoustic guitars, the collection of ROLI soundpacks will grow as new ones are released every month.

Distorted Bliss is just one of many soundpacks now available in the NOISE app’s Soundpack Store.

A number of soundpacks — including Structure, Chillwave Drifting, and 5D EDM — are free with every purchase of a Lightpad Block.

WondaGurl blog iPad Soundpack Store image

Each soundpack lets music-makers customize and personalize their sound library — just like they can customize the modular BLOCKS kit that brings those sounds to life.

Download NOISE today, and explore the sounds of WondaGurl, RZA, Steve Aoki, and an international group of acclaimed sound designers.


Capture raw urban vibes straight outta Toronto

Preview Distorted Bliss by WondaGurl, Structure, Chillwave Drifting and many more below:

Distorted Bliss by WondaGurl

Capture the gracefully gritty sound of Wondagurl straight outta Toronto with her signature collection of heavy basses, angular beats, and raw urban vibes.

Available for download in the NOISE app now