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Light up your music: Lightpad Block x Nanoleaf Light Panels

Watch our spectacular new film combining two audio-visual technologies

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The Nanoleaf and the Lightpad Block: two user-friendly technologies that let you visualize sound. We couldn’t resist putting them together one afternoon and seeing what kind of audiovisual spectacle we could create. The result was pretty enlightening!

The little hero of this film is the new Nanoleaf Light Panels Rhythm Module. It’s a plug-in that literally plugs in to the side of the Nanoleaf Light Panel array. Snap it in and presto chango — the light panels react to sound, strobing brightly or softly in all kinds of color depending on the sounds you’re playing. You’re the DJ of this disco, because the whole audiovisual experience is coming from your music (whether you’re playing or listening).

We made the EDM track with some awesome sounds from Steve Aoki’s soundpack in the NOISE app: Neon Future by Steve Aoki. We mixed in some bass from another NOISE soundpack: 5D EDM. The original inspiration was “Animals” from Dutch DJ Martin Garrix — that track with a billion views on Youtube.

Everything you’re seeing and hearing in this film came from 3 Lightpad Block M’s, a Live Block, a Loop Block, 7 Nanoleaf Light Panels, the add-on Rhythm Module, the free NOISE app, and a B&O Beolit speaker synced with NOISE.

Try it out yourself and share with @we.are.roli and @nanoleaf!