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Master the art of finger drumming with Melodics

Free lessons for Lightpad Block creators

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Orlando-based producer DiViNCi finger drumming on Lightpad Blocks at NAMM 2017

Like a drum pad on steroids, the Lightpad Block is custom-built for finger-drumming all kinds of beats at any level of intensity. Check out a master of intense finger-drumming in action: DiViNCi, an Orlando-based producer and member of hip hop quartet Solillaquists of Sounds. His live beatmaking on two Lightpad Blocks is so fast that his fingers are an almost hummingbird-like blur of motion.

Want to learn finger-drumming on the Lightpad Block? The best place to start is Melodics, an app-based training program that’s set up brilliantly for BLOCKS. The lessons are interactive and easily digestible, since they’re broken down into steps. Download the app and use the promo code ROLI-MELODICS to unlock exclusive lessons from DiViNCi himself. He’s one of dozens of world-class beatmakers who share their tips and tricks on Melodics.

Producers and performers at all skill levels can learn new techniques for the Lightpad Block — so check out Melodics courses today!