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Watch ELEVNS create a 'Summer Vibe' with Songmaker Kit

Aurelian from the Swiss duo performs their latest track

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Summer may be over, but ELEVNS are keeping that summer vibe alive — with a little help from BLOCKS!

Aurelian is one half of the rising Swiss duo, who make lush, electronic pop songs. We invited him over to the ROLI offices in New York to show us how ELEVNS composed their latest single, 'Summer Vibe feat. Rees & Lucan Mills'.

Recorded in Ableton Live, Aurelian made full use of the MPE sounds and instruments of Songmaker Kit to capture a warm, summery sound. The lead synth part was performed on Seaboard Block, with edited versions of Equator's Vintage Mono Lead preset and Beauty & the Synth from Cypher2. Beats were added on the Lightpad Block set 3 by 3 mode — perfect for finger drumming!

Watch the film above, and listen to the full track below:

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'Summer Vibe' by ELEVNS is just the latest track created using ROLI instruments! Check out our playlist of songs made with the Seaboard or BLOCKS below — featuring Ed Sheeran, Chance The Rapper, Drake and many more: