Announcing BLOCKS Studio Editions

New editions are powered by ROLI Studio desktop and unlock the full power of BLOCKS

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BLOCKS launched three years ago with a big promise: no matter what kind of music maker you are, you can create your kit with more flexibility — and create your projects with more expression. Modular and adaptable, BLOCKS is as open-ended as music itself.

The biggest changes to BLOCKS since 2016 have been in hardware, with the arrival of Seaboard Block and Songmaker Kit. Software was another huge area for growth. Better integrating BLOCKS with the expanding world of ROLI sounds and effects — and then extending integration to the universe of DAWs and plugins — would unlock the full power of BLOCKS.

That’s exactly what’s happening now with the release of ROLI Studio software suite — and the launch of BLOCKS Studio Editions.

ROLI Studio is an amazing new desktop software suite that comes out of a six-month beta testing period on October 31. It massively expands the potential for expression and production in BLOCKS-based setups by combining sounds and effects from three ROLI synths — Equator, Cypher2, and Strobe2 — in one place.

ROLI Studio’s groundbreaking features include the world’s first MPE drums plugin, plus songwriting tools like Smart Chords. All this, plus deeper integration between BLOCKS, ROLI software, and third-party DAWs and plugins.

With ROLI Studio redefining the BLOCKS experience, the controllers are now the most powerful MPE-based system for producers.

That’s why we’re launching BLOCKS Studio Editions. The Seaboard Block, Lightpad Block, and Songmaker Kit are repositioned for a future that will see BLOCKS become a bigger part of pro studios, home studios, and cafe-table studios. Studio Editions pair the most recent models of Blocks with ROLI Studio software (PLUS a license to the full Strobe2 synth).

If you’re a BLOCKS owner, you can access ROLI Studio for free. Download the software suite via ROLI Connect when it comes out of beta on October 31. As soon as you start exploring, you’ll see how ROLI Studio upgrades the entire experience of BLOCKS.

What's new with BLOCKS Studio Editions?

Whether you’re new to BLOCKS or already making music with it, there’s a lot to explore with ROLI Studio and BLOCKS Studio Editions.

  • More sounds, all in one place: 100s of MPE sounds from ROLI’s Equator, Cypher2, and Strobe2 sound engines are now browsable in a unified desktop plugin: ROLI Studio Player. Includes cutting-edge audio effects and macros.

  • A game-changing way to play drums: ROLI Studio Drums is the world’s first MPE drums plugin. Bend drum sounds and create grooves on the surface of the Lightpad Block. This expression has never been possible before via desktop software.

  • New songwriting tools: ROLI Studio Player features new songwriting tools like Smart Chords, which speeds up songwriting by suggesting chord progressions per note. The Multi-Layered Arpeggiator lets producers creative interactive rhythmic patterns.

  • Deeper integration of BLOCKS and ROLI software: ROLI Studio integrates BLOCKS more deeply with sounds and production tools that were spread across ROLI synths. Lightpad modes deepen the integration further on the Lightpad Block.

  • Easier DAW integration: ROLI Studio Player and ROLI Studio Drums both work as plugins with all leading DAWs. It’s never been easier to produce with BLOCKS and ROLI sounds inside of Logic Pro X, Ableton Live, Bitwig, and other DAWs.

  • The most advanced Blocks ever: Blocks have improved on many fronts in the past two years. Better finger tracking, MPE expression outputs, and multi-Block connectivity are some of the enhancements that make the Studio Editions the most playable Blocks yet.

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