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Watch the best ROLI films from 2019

Featuring ROLI Studio, LUMI Keys, Seaboard RISE and more

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2019 has been an eventful year for ROLI! As the decade comes to an end, take a look at some of our favorite films and stories from 2019:

The ROLI Studio revolution

The ROLI Studio software suite arrived in 2019, making composing and producing with BLOCKS or the Seaboard RISE on desktop easier than ever.

First to arrive was ROLI Studio Player, which combined the MPE sounds of Equator, Cypher2 and Strobe2 into one plugin. Check out ROLI Studio Player's inspiring tools and deep integration with BLOCKS in this walkthrough:

ROLI Studio Drums launched in November, adding incredibly expressive beatmaking to the ROLI Studio suite. Check it out:

It wasn't long before ROLI creators around the world began to build their own epic tracks with ROLI Studio. Watch Courtney Hawkins explore ROLI Studio Player's Multi-Layered arpeggiator below, and check out even more films from ROLI creators here.

ROLI Studio is free with all BLOCKS and Seaboard. Discover the new BLOCKS Studio Editions.

Say hello to LUMI Keys

In June ROLI unveiled LUMI on Kickstarter, a keyboard and app that helps anyone play and learn music. Not only was LUMI the most funded musical instrument of all time on Kickstarter, but it also won a Best Inventions Award from TIME Magazine!

LUMI isn't just for beginners either. Check out how LUMI Keys integrates with ROLI Studio to inspire better compositions below:

LUMI will be available to buy in 2020. Sign up here to be the first to know when it does — and SAVE 10%!

Seaboard RISE & SWAM: a perfect performance

Audio Modeling are world-leaders in creating realistic acoustic sounds — and their range of SWAM presets are perfect for MPE controllers like the Seaboard RISE.

In one of our favorite films of the year, ROLI virtuoso Heen Wah-Wai performs with the Seaboard RISE 49, SWAM presets and Camelot Pro software:

Ed Sheeran featuring PARISI & ROLI

Ed Sheeran's 2019 smash album No. 6 Collaborations Album featured contributions from PARISI, who added extra flourishes to 4 album tracks with the Seaboard and BLOCKS.

Check out the wacky music video to “Antisocial feat. Travis Scott”, which was layered with PARISI's signature Seaboard sound:

Read the full story.

ROLI Soundhive Sessions

In the Soundhive Sessions series, we invited musicians and songwriters into our New York Soundhive to show us how they're using ROLI instruments. From fantastic finger drumming to soaring soundtracks, check out each 2019 Soundhive Session below: