Artist Testimonials

Roland Lamb and his team are actually much closer than anyone else has come to establishing a new, truly expressive digital instrument.

Hans Zimmer, Oscar-winning composer

I regard the Seaboard to be the most exciting physical keyboard I’ve ever used, both for the studio and live. It enables me to create sounds that are impossible to contemplate using any other instrument.

Martyn Ware, producer and founding member of The Human League and Heaven 17

This is a tremendously exciting innovation in keyboard technology. It’s a quantum leap forward from the pianoforte, which was the last great innovation in the manual keyboard.

BT, multi-platinum producer and composer

This new Seaboard will be my touring weapon!

Steve Angello, DJ and producer

For me, discovering the Seaboard has been the most important musical life-changing event since my first synthesizer.

Jordan Rudess, Grammy-nominated Dream Theater virtuoso

The Seaboard is the first piece of music tech in years to feel like a genuinely new musical instrument. It’s endlessly challenging, inspiring, and exciting.

Marius de Vries, BAFTA Award-winning producer and composer

Suddenly anything you thought wasn’t possible on a keyboard now is. It changes everything about how I’m writing, both in terms of melody and rhythm.

Bill Laurance, Grammy Award-winning keyboardist and member of Snarky Puppy

Welcome to the future! The Seaboard RISE is a truly next level instrument.

KT Tunstall, BRIT Award-winning singer songwriter

The Seaboard RISE’s hardware is great but only half the story. The way it integrates with the software is amazing.

Alessandro Cortini, producer, songwriter, and member of SONOIO

The human touch is always important in any electronic music because that’s where the soul lies. The beauty of this particular instrument is that it gives you even more ways to be expressive … to give your soul to the instrument and to make the instrument speak for you and through you.

Keith Harris, Grammy Award-winning producer and songwriter

As keyboard players we are often called upon to emulate the phrasing of different instruments such as horns, strings, and flutes. Before ROLI this was impossible to do live. Finally there is a truly touch-sensitive keyboard that puts a whole new world of expression possibilities at my fingertips.

Lisa Harriton, Grammy- and Oscar-nominated singer-songwriter, keyboardist, and sound designer

It’s a genuinely new instrument, and that’s its strength. The RISE makes you play it in a way that doesn’t sound like your other synths. It can be a guitar or a flute, or it can sound like a synth.

Liam Howe, producer and member of the Sneaker Pimps