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Course: Getting started with Songmaker Kit GarageBand Edition

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    Songmaker Kit GarageBand Edition, ROLI Connect, GarageBand or Logic Pro

Ruben Dax shows you how to set up your Kit, control your DAW and build your first track with the Songmaker Kit GarageBand Edition.

Download each GarageBand project featured in these lessons in ROLI Connect. Songmaker Kit GarageBand Kit creators can download ROLI Connect from

Learn the basics and start making tracks

Essentials: ROLI Equator

Equator is ROLI’s custom-built multi-dimensional synth software, which ships with a large variety of specially designed sampled and synthesised preset sounds. This means that Equator's sound work with ROLI's Seaboard and Lightpad to access expressive playing through responding to different pressures and gestures (5D Touch) on the playing surfaces. Equator is a standalone application, but also comes as VST and AU for compatibility with other production software; for example with Logic Pro X or Ableton Live. You can also get access to even more synth plugins, such as the Cypher 2 Player and the Strobe 2 Player, through purchasing one of ROLI’s hardware packages

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