Key Benefits

  • Gain a full understanding of how your RISE works within a range of digital music set ups.
  • Futher your understanding on the advanced features of ROLI Dashboard to configure the Seaboard to work with all music software.
  • Learn how your RISE extends the sound design possibilities of your existing music software.
  • Pull templates and projects from Blend to interact with the course and create your own remixes.

How does it work

You can view all videos in this series on or the ROLI Education Youtube playlist. It's a free open-access series of tutorials you can view without needing to register.

There are two tiers of participation;

  1. Experience all project tutorials without registering.
  2. Sign up to to pull projects, understand how they were created, and create your own remixes.

Take the course

Module 1:
Creating with the Seaboard RISE and Ableton Live

The first project in this video series explores how to configure your Seaboard RISE to work seamlessly with Ableton Live. You will learn to use native Ableton Live instruments, along with many third-party plug-in synthesizers and samplers.
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1.1 – Electronic Bass Line using Ableton Live and NI Massive

Understand how to configure your Seaboard RISE to work with most third party synthesizers.

1.2 – Spooky Organ using Ableton Live and Operator

Learn how to modify basic synthesizer settings to respond to the Five Dimensions of Touch.

1.3 – Expressive Synth Lead Using Ableton Live and Operator

Discover how to simply configure Operator with the Seaboard's Dimensions of Touch.

1.4 – Expressive Synth Lead Using Ableton Live and Operator - Part 2

Begin to understand polyphony within Ableton Live using the Seaboard RISE.

1.5 – Evolving Arpeggio using Ableton Live and FXpansion Strobe 2

Discover the immediate expressive possibilities that the Seaboard RISE unlocks for MPE instruments.

1.6 – Ambient pad using Ableton Live and FXpansion Strobe 2

Deepen your understanding on MPE and discover the instant benefits it has within music production.

Module 2:
Creating with the Seaboard RISE and Logic Pro X

Logic's many advanced instruments can be easily configured to allow the Seaboard RISE to bring its many sounds to life. Learn how each synthesizer works to get the most out of the expressive data that the Seaboard RISE transmits.
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2.1 – Synth Bass using Logic and Retro Synth

Explore Logic's Retro Synth and discover how to assign the Seaboard's Five Dimensions of Touch to its many parameters.

2.2 – Riser Synthesizer Effect using Logic and Alchemy

Logic's Alchemy provides you with information on how to get the most out of each patch. Learn how to use the Seaboard to get the most out of each sound.

2.3 – Editing Multichannel MIDI data in Logic

Understand how to edit multichannel MIDI data in Logic.

2.4 – Modulated Sound FX using Logic, ES2 and Sculpture

Use the Seaboard RISE's XY pad to add further modulation to your synthesizers in Logic.

2.5 – Arpeggiated Hi-Hats Using Logic and Ultrabeat

Play synthesized drum patterns in a unqiue way, using the Seaboard RISE.

2.6 – Smart Controls Using Logic (advanced)

Learn how the Seaboard RISE's touch faders can becoming instantly compatible with Logic's smart control.

Module 3:
Creating with the Seaboard RISE and Bitwig

Using Bitwig's native plug-ins, learn how to create a track from scratch using only the Seaboard RISE and Bitwig.
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3.1 – Drums and Bass using Bitwig and Drum Machine Sampler

Understand how to create your own drum patterns and bass lines using the Seaboard RISE and Bitwig.

3.2 – Keyboards using Bitwig Polysynth

Discover how Bitwig allows easy polyphonic integration with the Seaboard RISE.

3.3 – Vocal Sampling using Bitwig Sampler

Using Bitwig's Sampler, learn how the Seaboard's Dimensions of Touch can allow an easy way to sample audio.

Module 4:
Creating a short film score with the Seaboard RISE

The Seaboard RISE allows many of the expressive tendancies of acoustic instruments to be replicated flawlessly. Discover how using the Seaboard RISE for real-time film music, can bring your soundtracks to life.
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4.1 – Piano and String Layer Track Stacks with Logic

Understand how the Seaboard RISE can add real-time control to multi-layer patches.

4.2 – Orchestral Strings using Logic and EXS24

Use all Five Dimensions of Touch to control rich orchestral sounds within Logic and EXS24.

4.3 – Orchestral Trombone Section using Logic and NI Kontakt

Discover the many combinations of layered, real-time modulated sounds using NI Kontakt.

4.4 – Solo Cello using Logic and Vienna Symphonic Orchestra

Understand how the Seaboard RISE can bring orchestral, monophonic sounds to life.

4.5 – Expressive multi-layered sounds using Omnisphere

In the final video of this series, learn how to configure the Seaboard RISE with powerful, multi-timbral instruments such as Omnisphere.