The sounds of spring don’t last forever. For two weeks only, get all NOISE soundpacks for free with every purchase of a Lightpad Block from our store or through one of our partners.

You’ll get access to eight premium soundpacks including three from the studios of world-class artists: gritty hip-hop from Wu-Tang Clan’s RZA, soaring EDM from superstar-DJ Steve Aoki and heavy-hitting bass from R&B producer WondaGurl.

Simply register a new Lightpad Block before the 27th April to get 110 additional presets that ordinarily cost $40, (£40, €40). Beyond the three signature soundpacks from artists, other packs like Everyone Loves Vintage and Expressive Electronic include sounds ranging from vintage synths to orchestral strings.

Combined with the six additional soundpacks that are already packaged with BLOCKS, you’ll be able to make music using an incredible range of instruments from fourteen different soundpacks. Just remember to download your free soundpacks in the NOISE app once you register your new Lightpad Block.

So buy a Lightpad Block now – and make sure you don’t miss out on the sweet sounds of spring!

Listen to the sounds and learn more about the Lightpad Block below.