In the first of our Soundpack Stories, the legendary rapper & producer RZA of Wu-Tang Clan launches his exclusive NOISE soundpack Spoonful Of Grit. In the film RZA describes how kung-fu movies and the raw atmosphere of 1990s New York inspired the iconic album Enter the Wu-Tang (36 Chambers). This classic Wu-Tang sound has been his inspiration when creating instruments for the NOISE app. RZA also explains the mission behind his soundpack – to put some of the missing grit back into music!

Get your hands on Spoonful Of Grit now in the NOISE Soundpack Store to start using 16 exclusive sounds designed by RZA and built for expressive 5D Touch. Channel the menace of the streets of New York with instruments such as Liquid Sword Bass & Suspense Chords, or make beats with a Wu-Tang twist on RZA’s Hip Hop & Kung-Fu Drum Kits.

I found my sound from living in New York city. From riding on the subway trains, from watching old kung-fu movies… I try to capture that sound in my music.

Watch RZA jam with some of his sounds on ROLI BLOCKS in the Williamsburg Apple Store, Brooklyn, accompanied by ROLI virtuosos PARISI:

RZA’s Spoonful Of Grit is just one of many soundpacks available in NOISE, the free music making app. Preview RZA’s sounds and many more below: