Want to hear something great? You can now play with twice as many 5D sounds on the Seaboard RISE! We’ve released 188 new Equator presets including Floating Glass, Electronic Hang Drum, Timbuktu Resonant Guitar, Soaring Synth Guitar Lead, Amazon Layers, and Cinematic Motion. What do they sound like? Watch this video to hear a track built with eight of the new sounds:

The Seaboard RISE now comes with more than 350 custom-made sounds that range from rousing orchestrals to funky bass; from otherworldly synths to soothing flutes. Every one of them can be explored for hours by striking, sliding, gliding, pressing, and lifting your fingers on the touch-responsive surface of the Seaboard RISE.

The new software update will improve the RISE experience in others ways too:

  • Preset Manager: You can now create your own preset playlists (from over 350 5D presets) with the new Preset Manager. Your favorite sounds are now within easy reach.
  • Online Preset Library: We’ll continue releasing new presets, and it’s now simpler to get them. The new Online tag in the Preset Browser gives you new sounds as soon as they’re available. You can download a bundle of new presets in one click right from within Equator — or download a selection of presets curated by genre.
  • Absolute Slide Control: The Slide dimension of touch has become even more responsive. You can now modulate sound through Slide as soon as you strike a keywave.

Keep an eye on our Facebook page to see what RISE creators are doing with the new sounds.