The only thing that stands between you and an 80s vintage groove is a download of Everyone Loves Vintage, one of two new soundpacks on the NOISE Soundpack Store. Vintage synthesizers and drum machines like the Roland TR808 are captured in the 16 sounds in the pack, which bring an era to life — and allow for all kinds of genre-bending twists through the power of 5D Touch.

Pop up your beats with our second new soundpack, Synthetic Pop Dream a collection of drum kits, synths, strings, and digital basses that span a range of pop sounds from modern to old-school. Sounds like LA Synth Ensemble and Pop Strings are great for any style, but you might recognize some of them from tunes and basslines of tracks at the top of the charts.

Listen to both of the new soundpacks here:

They’re both part of an ever-expanding collection of soundpacks for NOISE and BLOCKS. We’ve released signature soundpacks from world-famous artists like Steve Aoki and RZA of Wu-Tang Clan that distill the sounds that define their music. More artist soundpacks are coming. From Video Games to Hybrid Acoustic to 5D EDM, there are many other soundpacks to choose from in the NOISE app — and play either on NOISE or on BLOCKS.

Stayed tuned. And tune into NOISE today to download the sounds of Synthetic Pop Dream and Everyone Loves Vintage.  

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