The launch of BLOCKS heralds a new era in expressivity, simplicity and fun in music-making. Previously we have written about the integration of Max with the Seaboard RISE – creating an ever-expanding canvas on which to express your creative ideas. Now the advent of this technology combined with the consumer-friendly price point of BLOCKS means that this creative power is available to everybody. 

Max gives you infinite possibilities when it comes to building instruments and creating sounds, while BLOCKS supports this with unlimited expression capabilities, bringing your carefully crafted sounds to life with the touch of a finger. And we’re delighted to announce that every purchase of BLOCKS comes with a free 3 month Max license so you can start experimenting right away.

What to expect when connecting BLOCKS to Max?

With the Max BLOCKS Package, available through Max’s Package Manager, you can map sounds and sliders according to your own specification and sonic requirements. You can even set BLOCK colours according to preference or upload images onto the Lightpad surface. The level of customisation is vast.

This means you are able to create multi-layered synths from your own sounds, then cycle through these using the controls on the Lightpad Block. With such immediacy you will never have to touch Max to get to your favourite sounds whilst you’re playing if you don’t want to, resulting in uninterrupted creativity. This makes BLOCKS a hugely versatile instrument in a live environment, as well as for production and recording, when used alongside Max.

Connect BLOCKS to Max for Live!

As of 11th January 2017, BLOCKS objects will work with Max For Live! This means that Max users will be able to release devices that will allow musicians to fully utilise BLOCKS as a controller for Ableton Live. Later in 2017, we’re planning some exciting releases of our own Max for Live devices too.

We’re excited to see what developers create for BLOCKS and looking forward to supporting the distribution of third-party programs on, as well as sharing our favourites to the wider community of BLOCKS users.

Max supports the entire range of BLOCKS products

Max’s compatibility with BLOCKS extends across the whole family of products, not just the Lightpad Block. Connect a Lightpad to your machine via USB, then click a Live or Loop Block into place using the DNA connectors to effortlessly customise the colour and behaviours of buttons – or even map the entire unit to a sampler. The ease of compatibility and customisation make BLOCKS the perfect lightweight, modular controller for your workflow.

There is a wealth of material detailing how to get the most out of Max with BLOCKS on — from there you can also download Max, make use of a wide range of developer kits, and join the Max for BLOCKS community.

Whilst the creative possibilities are already near limitless, this is just the beginning for the collaboration between Max and BLOCKS. Stay tuned in 2017 for more announcements set to blaze the trail for the future of shaping music.

Take a look at these videos showing BLOCKS working with Max

BLOCKS patching tutorial (includes Max For Live tutorial)

BLOCKS FM Drum synth (shows a FM synth working in Max For Live)

BLOCKS and RISE together with Max and NOISE

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