On November 1st, ROLI launched BLOCKS, the modular music creation system that introduced a totally open-ended way for anyone — whether beginners or pros — to make music. But the BLOCKS system is also completely open for app development. We’re happy to now introduce the BLOCKS Developer Kit, which helps anyone make their own apps — in music, gaming, or beyond — to take advantage with this uniquely versatile set of modular controllers.

The Developer Kit includes a Lightpad Block, the central Block in the system. The Lightpad Block features a tactile silicone surface that is LED-illuminated and responds to Five Dimensions of Touch. Our 5D Touch technology opens new ways of interacting with software, making the Lightpad Block a delightfully versatile controller for a range of applications. The Developer Kit Lightpad Block will also function like any other with our NOISE app for shaping music. 

Customize your app more easily with our new Developer Control Block. You can make on-the-fly adjustments and control changes with the Blocks’ 8 customizable switches (labelled from 0 to 7), LEDs and a +/- dual button.

The Developer Kit A package is now available to purchase from our store, shipping in four weeks.

Our open-source, cross-platform C++ API makes it easy to start developing as soon as your Developer Kit is out of the box. It uses parts of the JUCE library, which means easy integration with existing apps for JUCE users. The code is free to use for all apps compatible with BLOCKS. We’ve also worked closely with Cycling’74 so that you can integrate BLOCKS with patches from Max, the powerful modular software environment. Find out more about the unlimited possibilities available with BLOCKS and Max here.

If you love your app and would like to see it promoted to the growing community of BLOCKS users, please contact us at info@juce.com – we’ll be happy to support and share our favourites.

Happy developing!