Happy holidays!

Here at ROLI, the holidays are not just a time for friends and family — they’re also a time for creating new things. So, instead of a card, we’re happy to share the ROLI Holiday Sequencer. It’s a fun, festive project that three members of our platform development team created from scratch on a recent Friday.

This interactive musical sequencer helps you build a tune in minutes — just as easily as you can build any song with the NOISE app and BLOCKS.

Try it out here. Start off by loading our demo track for some inspiration, then build your own holiday jingle using NOISE loops. Simply drag and drop loops into any order you choose to make a song.

This will be fun for people of all ages — and it’s a taste of an even more enjoyable music creation system. Download NOISE today to create your own loops using these sounds and many more.

Watch NOISE in action here:

Are you making a great track on NOISE or BLOCKS this holiday season? Don’t forget to submit your composition to our Holiday Competition. We’re accepting any track of any musical style — just as long as it’s made entirely on NOISE or BLOCKS. Enter and you could win a Lightpad Block!

Very best wishes from all of us for the rest of 2016.