We’ve been really excited to see all the music people are creating with BLOCKS using NOISE. We’re proud of the deep integration between BLOCKS and NOISE and what it offers as a new kind of highly mobile modular music studio.

As a result of this deep integration with our iOS app, though, a number of people have been unclear as to whether their Blocks work with other professional and desktop software solutions.

The answer is yes! The Blocks all work in MPE mode, which mean they function as MIDI controllers and can work with a variety of different software solutions. See the full guide here. Also, take a look at some of the awesome videos made with BLOCKS in MPE mode:

In addition, BLOCKS has an open SDK and already features a deep integration with Max/MSP, and you get a free 3-month licence for Max when you buy a Block. Here is a video about how to get started, and here are several videos of cool stuff that has already been done with BLOCKS in Max:

Of course, this doesn’t mean that the full range of functionality that BLOCKS offers is available as a plug-and-play experience with all professional software. Because BLOCKS offers many features that MIDI controllers have never been capable of before, many of these advanced features don’t work with existing software. Not yet.

In early 2017 we will release a desktop application called BLOCKS Dashboard. It makes it even easier for musicians to use BLOCKS with several leading DAWs and will enhance BLOCKS’ capabilities as a powerful control system for a huge range of popular software. Enjoy using BLOCKS in the meantime and stay tuned! If you have any questions about set-up or functionality, don’t hesitate to contact ROLI Support.